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1 Article 10 May wrong chapters on 1/6/2011, 12:39 


Hảo thủ Giang hồ
Hảo thủ Giang hồ
[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] YeFan watching a dozen gray hairs, patiently old speechless, it absolutely is familiar with classmates, but all into the appearance, true some alarming. PangBo is dumbfounded, some degrees and palpitations, if he becomes the appearance, now even the mood had died. They hurried go past, present situation of all probe, breathing, and have no life sorrow. PangBo found in the grass, she didn't LiuYiYi signs of aging, such as past still weak, comely with eyes closed, looks pitiful quest. It makes YeFan and PangBo bonus, they would LiuYiYi since school with a good relationship, and now is to her full of compassion, natural don't want more bad things happened in her body. YeFan trees in a plant under ZhangZiLing, now found more than forty years old can look like, although like the lost for a time, but not as ZhouYiDeng as aging man.
[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] "Handsome son ling became uncle." "Than to become the son." big ye well chang YeFan and PangBo whispered whisper the two sentences. A little while LiuYiYi awake, when seeing the appearance of PangBo after YeFan and immediately astonishment, with wide mouth. Soon, ZhangZiLing also turned up its own condition, when understand after, he couldn't help gave a loud cry, the youth by a power into a looks as uncle and who cannot accept."The son ling don't be excited, look at them the present situation you balance." ZhangZiLing smell speech to see ZhouYi, LiXiaoMan one spot was shocked, he found not only the most tragic more tragedy. "How so..." He daft become speechless, but the appearance of despair than just a lot better.
[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] Ten people, YeFan and present LiuYiYi PangBo rejuvenation, there is no any change, ZhangZiLing lost twenty years, others are carrying laboring and learned into, the form decline. YeFan and PangBo looked each other instantly thought about that, two red fruit glittering and translucent get rid of appears, when eating only think mouthful fragrant, quick restored energy. Now, that kind of fruit very unusual, it can be used to describe the miraculous! Not knowing the reasons, all people getting old, but this fruit people eat years stands up to erode. "Exactly is what power, deprived of their youth and vitality?" PangBo heart is confused, scratching their heads. "I think most is that HuangGu forbidden it." YeFan made such speculation. Hear the name HuangGu citadel light can be placed on the HuangGu, and HuangGu era, or existed since the citadel, even the birds and beasts bug ant all avoid retreated, inside one KuJi, inanimate, absolutely is big fierce wickedness land. However,they are peace came out, did not happen in any danger, rather some doesn't add up, really make "HuangGu forbidden" four words appear some misfit. "Yes, it must be the [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] HuangGu citadel's sake!" PangBo also want to understand the key. According to two consistent speculate that an awful HuangGu forbidden strength deprived of youth and vitality of all. But why wait until they don't attack out? This lets them some incomprehension. "Maybe similar cursed strength, want ~ only entered the HuangGu taboo, regardless of whether they go out, anywhere, as long as the time a curse attacks cannot be spared to."YeFan and PangBo had to rejoice, if not by the several commemorative strange fruit, they now have is horrified, I'm afraid. And after a while, they woke up on top of the succession, immediately ringing out one of the shrill cry, smell, then couldn't letting a person cry of the blare break out. Prematurely senile, young, it was just wrong things, the world's most tragic twenties is a moment of their youth, but white-haired and wrinkles accumulation, let them feeling sorrow, just why Campbell.[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] "Why do I will become like that?" ZhouYi tremble the lofty put out a hand and touched his wrinkled skin, and pulled out a lock defeated white-haired, issued withered the old voice, clinking roars way: "why?"
"From the start, no matter how long ago line, we and the distance between the tablet fairy palace seems to have no longer change, what the hell?"
Looking forward, again, and again over a mountain again, but ultimately it so. At this point, everyone see, can't go near.

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